My name is Rob “Scrawnybob” Lacey – I’m a British recreational poker player, webmaster, blogger and professional photographer.

I enjoy a bit of gamble and I’m passionate about poker both live and online – sometimes I’ve even been known to win. I have had minor success live with an 11th place cash in the Grosvenor GUKPT Walsall 2011, 63rd place cash in the UKIPT Brighton 2011 and winning the Affiliate Series of Poker (ASOP) in the same year.

I’ve also won a couple of our own sites 4king Series of Poker 4KSOP bracelets and have cashed in a few minor online MTT’s including the biggest field I’ve played in the 2012 PokerStars Micro Millions main event finishing 7536th against 61,000 players.

4kingpoker.com was originally established in 2005 as a poker information and forum site and now evolved into 4kingbet.com Your complete gambling guide online.

Bringing together all the information from 4kingpoker, 4kingcasino, 4kingbet and 4kingbingo into one resource for all online gambling made sense as most gamblers like to bet on more than one thing but don’t want to have to look all over the place for information.

scrawnybob aka Ben deRuuls teaching fish to play poker

Scrawnybob aka Mad scientist “Ben deRuuls” training a goldfish to play poker

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Why 4kingbet.com ?

Back in 2005 I had been playing poker for a few years mostly in home games with my mates after watching the first series of Late Night Poker. Finding out you could play poker online (even on my mac) I started to play and enjoy playing a lot more poker and got better and more absorbed by the hobby, joining forums and strategy sites for more knowledge.

Then in a fit of madness I decided to set-up my own online poker website & forum.

While trying to think of a suitably catchy name I had a Peter Kay moment – genius – he’s got “Sweet Truck Haul” and “Pizza Me” … I got www.4kingpoker.com

4kingpoker.com was established in 2005

Where did the 4king name come from ?

The name came about while playing with cards with a mate, trying to think of an original and distinctive name for the site. Trying to make something from card combinations and figuring “jack king off” was a non starter I arrived at a four and a king, 4king genius … 4kingpoker was born

scrawnybobs poker home game

four king poker, 4king hell, and as a Brit it soundly like a posh bloke swearing at yet another losing hand … f*** king poker

In the case of a slow table – “just 4king bet”

And it sums up just how frustrating playing poker and trying to improve your game can be.

Make no mistake we made ALL the 4king poker related jokes that first afternoon, back in 2004 right when I bought the domains …

Getting 4king lucky, fishing on the 4king river, your 4king joking, I’ve got the 4king nuts etc etc … we thought of it first … don’t be confused by lazy copy cats

Why has 4kingpoker.com moved to 4kingbet.com ?

Originally the plan was to develop guides for other forms of online gambling hence starting 4kingbet / 4kingcasino & 4kingbingo however amongst other things trying to develop several sites has proved impossible so it seems like a good time to merge all the sites into one single site but maintain the “4king” brand and reputation built up from 4kingpoker into 4kingbet.

why is the poker forum still on the old site ?

Basically in order have a successful and problem free transition to the new site we are moving in two stages, first all the non forum content and then in a separate move the forum will join 4kingbet at some point in the near future.

What Do We 4king Do ?

Don’t Get Bitter – Get Better is 4kingbet’s moto and that’s what the site aims to help you do. The are plenty of tips to get you started and a learn to play poker section. I will be regularly adding poker articles to help you improve and avoid some of the pitfalls I’ve learnt the hard way.

Join the 4kingbet forums they’ve becoming a great place to meet and chat with other players.

I hope to build this into a great community and gambling resource – I want you to be a part of it.

Our private member only tournaments are set to become a great place to challenge your friends and try out great new online poker sites that we recommend.

Don’t forget your can search all our review sections to find the best casinos, betting sites, poker rooms and bingo rooms giving you all the info to pick the best places for you to play.

With all the hype surrounding the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour on TV it’s easy to blow a load of money before you figure out what your doing – save yourself some 4king cash – sign-up to the site and be part of the best gambling community online.

Cheers and good luck at the tables – Scrawnybob

ps. You can contact me via email here – Email Scrawnybob

Scrawnybob winning the ASOP 2011 – $6k + a bling bling bracelet